2016 Predictions: Cloud Lock-In, API Boom, IoT Security, Data Jurisdiction

Posted Thursday, January 7, 2016 in Online, Mobile & IT by donald Callahan

Public Cloud Vendor "Lock-In" Emerges as a Big Issue

AWS in particular is now differentiating not on vanilla IaaS but on innovation - with attractive functions like the event driven Lambda service (among many other things) that only AWS offers. In this context, portability is a pipe dream and companies will wake up to the fact that they have to deal with lock-in as great as with IBM mainframes.

APIs Rule!

While externally exposed APIs will continue to proliferate, the real action will be in APIs primarily for internal company use. For industrial companies, the Internet of Things will be a big factor as it becomes the Internet of APIs. By the way, with APIs in everything, security will be a mega issue.

IoT will take off big time.. but create horrible security problems

The economic and industrial drivers of the Internet of Things are becoming compelling, especially as the populations of rich countries age. Software and connected sensors (with APIs) will be everywhere. Think health care, assisted living, smart cities and transportation (cars for example). Now think about state-backed hackers who want to take out dissidents and tech savvy jihadists who want to destroy anyone and everything. The new security challenges are going to be horrible

Data Protection Remains a Contentious International Issue

Data protection includes privacy and national jurisdiction, of course, but also things like the right to know who has your data, possibility to correct, the right to be forgotten,... The EU and the US have radically different visions of data protection, but other countries will also get into the disputes. This will translate into big compliance headaches and a growing tendancy to require that data stay in the country of origin.


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