2016 Predictions: Salesforce, Apigee & Mellanox

Posted Tuesday, January 5, 2016 in Online, Mobile & IT by Phil Gibson

The SalesForce Cloud ecosystem will continue to explode in size and users with every services company that moves porting to the SalesForce1 platform.

Mellanox (a name that everyone knows, right?) will leap from 100G Infiniband dominance in the high performance computing space to drive the growth in the 100G open Ethernet in hyperscale data centers blindsiding previous generation leaders Cisco, Broadcom, Intel, and Marvell.  This will be a breakout year for them.

If Mellanox cranks the data center RDMA speeds up to 100G or 200G, the architectures can change, raise the data rates, and lower the cost dramatically, at the same time.  This will add to the commodity status of the biggest lowest cost providers.

Apigee will crack $100M in revenue in 2016 with an amazing $50M in real profit!!!!!  Their model is scaling like wildfire.

It was very straightforward for me to sit in the developer tutorial (as a novice at the last San Jose Apigee ILoveAPIs conference) and to sign in, create an account, and create a real active URL generic API in their cloud, for free!  A walk up user interface.

This simplicity keeps the current captive OEMs in control of the logic around their applications.  They can build sophisticated control logic into the cloud interface that they manage and then they can outsource the commodity cloud storage to the best hyperscale data center, but the OEM IT staff still holds the keys.

They can hand the storage to the lowest secure bidder and maintain their own hooks without getting locked in.  This looks unique to Apigee to me (again as a novice).

This has to be attractive.  It is free until you hit 20K transactions a month and then the fees scale based on growth.  This makes prototyping, development, and testing free.  As I reported from the October show, they were at 27M API calls per month and growing at an exponential rate.

Apigee & Mellanox. These companies are in the right place at the right time as IoT sensor surveillance tracks everything we do and sticks it in the cloud somewhere.

What's in Store for Big Data in 2016? -- There's a nice range of opinions in this article in ADTmag


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