A Delightful Birthday Message

Posted Wednesday, November 7, 2012 in Customer Experience by Ronni Marshak

My birthday was yesterday (hold the applause), and aside from the dozens of good wishes from family and friends (and the lip service happy birthday messages from merchants encouraging me to shop using your enormous 10% birthday discount), I received a lovely message from ING Direct:

"Just a friendly little birthday wish from us to you. We can't send you a double-tiered chocolate cake (it won't fit through the mail slot — we tried), but hopefully this little video will help brighten your big day.

Have an awesome b-day filled with fun, happiness and, of course, saving.

Enjoy many more, Saver."

Not only was the message engaging, the video that was sent was great, inspiring, and DIDN'T ASK ME TO BUY ANYTHING!!! That's what was so nice.

I know that all ING customers get the same message on their birthday this year, but it still left me with a warm feeling toward the bank.

Reaching out to customers without wanting anything in return is such a rare thing, it's nice when you're at the receiving end.


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