Agilent’s Electronic Measurements Group’s B2B Personalization

Posted Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Marketing by Susan Aldrich

 Personalization is on a hype-crescendo, evidenced by the variety of products and services that are touted to provide it. But personalization is not something you buy, it is a state achieved through smart strategy and clever execution.

MyAgilent Personal PageAgilent Technologies’ Electronic Measurement business unit has done a good job of B2B personalization in its electronic communications (emails/Web, etc.) with its business customers. The team didn’t start with the idea, “Let’s get some of that personalization, it’s hot these days!” Instead, their e-business team started with the goals of helping customers gain more value as they interact with its web properties and emails across customer service, sales, and marketing content.

Here’s their story:

Agilent’s Virtuous Circle of Personalization
Customer Experience, Content Strategy, and Marketing Automation Create a Machine that Drives Customer Engagement
By Susan E. Aldrich, Sr. VP and Sr. Consultant, Patricia Seybold Group, August 8, 2013

(Read the short sample and download the full Case Study in PDF.)



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