Amazon's New Smartphone Due out in Mid-2013

Posted Monday, December 17, 2012 in Online, Mobile & IT by Scott Jordan

This will be interesting...

Amazon smartphone reportedly in production, set to go on sale in mid-2013

via 9to5Mac by Jake Smith on 12/17/12

"Rumors have been in the air for several months that claim Amazon will compete in the handset space with its own offering, much like it did with its Kindle Fire line of tablets. According to a new report from the Taiwan Economic News, the Internet retail giant has selected the infamous Foxconn to manufacture the handset. Additionally, Amazon is said to have ordered 5 million units and will launch the device at $100 to $200 sometime in the second quarter or third quarter of 2013."


  • Patty_author
    Patricia Seybold on December 17, 2012 at 8:52 p.m.

    How Will an Amazon Smartphone Impact Apple?

    What do you folks think the impact of an Amazon Smartphone will have on Apple (and its stock price)?



  • phorne
    Peter Horne on December 17, 2012 at 10:47 p.m.
    Hi Patty,
    I think they are two different questions...
    In terms of Amazon and a smart phone... I have an open mind.  The first question I have is whether the "smart phone" market category is reaching a point of functional maturity.  While Apple initially defined "smart" when it was up for definition, market expectations today are that "smart enough" means a certain list of features/functions/form.  If the definition of "smart enough" is stable, and the smart phones represent the high end and smart enough represents a price point, then I think there is an opportunity for other brands to find a place in the price/function matrix.  
    If you think about it; the current smart phone war is Apple v Samsung, not apple v Android.  Android is used by Samsung but it is incidental to the Samsung package.  So if Amazon has the money, patience and skill to develop another wedge, they may have a shot.  But the question I have is whether Amazon has the nous to be a consumer device brand rather than "just another phone".  Samsung's products are now innovative and "feel" good; they are a good consumer device experience.  Amazon has to compete in this ephemeral space of "feel" and not just feature.
    Otherwise they will line up next to HTC and LG and struggle... that to me is the question.
    Then the other question is what does that mean for Apple?  Well if Apple stays with their current range then they will always be under attack and their dominance will be diminished over time.  However what Apple has done well is create new product categories.  So if they were just a notepad co, they would be dead.  If they were just an iPod go, they would be dead.  If they were just an iPhone Co, they would soon be dead (dead as in diminishing like MS which is tech death - you just haven't had the funeral yet).    Apple's health is not defined by how well they do with their last product, it's how well they do getting out their next product.
    So to me Apple's risk is not winning the phone war.  That's already run and won.  To me the question with Apple is whether they can create the next race.
    The rumor is that it's TV... there is also payments.  These are the things that will define Apple's share price.
  • pkerpan
    Pat Kerpan on December 18, 2012 at 12:05 p.m.

    Watching the rapid decline of Apple product quality since roughly Steve stopped working makes me think they are not up to the challenge of whatever the next category is.

    Steve Jobs definitely had all sorts of talents - the one I think that has been the least written about, and the hardest I think to replace, is "NO MAN".

    He spent (I surmise) the better part of every day saying no to things.  No to features.  No to projects.  No to products. No to categories.

    The reason HP, Dell, IBM, SAP, etc. have such problems with their "enterprise" product portfolios is that there is no one person with the authority, the fortitude and the talent to say "NO".


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