Angie’s List Needs to Get Its Act Together

Posted Thursday, April 16, 2015 in Customer Experience by Ronni Marshak

I’ve been an Angie’s List customer for a few months now. I joined because I was moving, and I knew that I would need advice and recommendations on a lot of services and contractors that would help with the move and with renovating my new home. And, for the most part, I have been very happy with the service. Except for one thing: the company keeps asking me to rate and review providers with whom I haven’t done any business.

Angie's ListThat wouldn’t be so bad, it’s just a bunch of annoying emails I can ignore, but recently I discovered additional problems with the company’s business processes that have eroded my trust:

  • Publishing unauthorized offers
  • Being slow in removing offers that providers don’t want promoted
  • Customer service agents’ having no knowledge of what services customers actually booked
  • Customer service agents not knowing what offers are actually valid

Here’s a more detailed account of what the company’s internal process problems seem to be and my suggestions for how they should be addressed.

Angie’s List Doesn’t Arm Its Front-Line Troops
Don’t Ask for Customer Feedback if You Don’t Know What’s Going On
By Ronni T. Marshak, EVP and Senior Consultant, April 16, 2015



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