Apple is Clueless when it comes to the Cloud; Beware!

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2012 in Online, Mobile & IT by Scott Jordan

Here's an interesting post from Victor Agreda, Jr. from 11/27/12, entitled: "Apple needs to learn how the Internet works before iCloud evaporates" via TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

Like many others, Victor had his contacts disappear into Apple's iCloud and never re-emerge. He wrote:

"Apple makes great hardware, adequate software and terrible web services. It's a huge problem for the company, and it will continue to weigh Apple down as iCloud continues to offer sync and data management nightmares....My own bout of horrid luck with Apple's ignorance of data integrity and web tech kicked off over Thanksgiving...I soon discovered a number of my family members had been deleted, including my dad and my children. The relationships were saved into my primary contact, which was also deleted. My mom was still in there, along with six instances of Apple, Inc. Since I started using contacts across devices and syncing them, way back in the Palm Pilot Pro days, I've never had such a massive screw-up with my data. Duplicates are one thing. Removing user data without warning or even good reason, at the risk of breaking things (like Siri and Maps), is just bad business....No system is perfect, that much is obvious. But what is also obvious to me is that Apple, on a fundamental level, does not get cloud services. This is wasn't a big deal in the eWorld days, but today it's the biggest problem Apple may face."



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