Attractive Business Model for Customer Innovation: Peers Inc.

Posted Friday, October 12, 2012 in Innovation by Patricia Seybold

In September 2012, at the Business Innovation Factory annual confab, BIF-8, I had the opportunity to hear Robin Chase Robin Chase, CEO Buzzcar, Co-Founder Zipcartell her story. She talked a little about what she learned from co-founding Zipcar, and a lot about how she wanted to push the envelope with her newest company, Buzzcar.

Robin conveys infectious enthusiasm, not just about car-sharing and environmental sustainability and making our cities livable communities. She’s also enthusiastic about a “new” business model which she has studied and adopted. She calls it “Peers Inc.” short for Peers-to-Peers, Incorporated. I really like the way that Robin has “unpacked” a business model that has become very popular in the past decade. Her main point is this: if you want to grow a sustainable business really fast, you should COMBINE a peer-to-peer network with a company. The company does what companies do best: It provides economies of scale, it invests in long-term assets and intellectual property, it mitigates risk, it provides recourse, and it wraps that all in a brand promise. However the company doesn’t provide the products. The products and services are provided by the customers. That means they can be highly customized, specialized, localized, and diverse. Customers use their own social networks to promote their wares and to attract other buyers and sellers.

Robin exhorted her audience to consider using a Peers, Inc. model not only to grow businesses, but also to solve big complex problems (like climate change). As she says, a Peers Inc. organization “delivers the speed of collective action while preserving the ingenuity and creativity of individuals. It’s a fabulous partnership. The internet has empowered people. Peers, Inc., takes it up a level with the power of companies.”

Here's the video of her talk at BIF-8:

Here's the case study I wrote after hearing Robin's talk at BIF-8:

BuzzCar—Peer-to-Peer Car Rental

Building a Platform for Participation for a “Peer-to-Peers-Inc.” Business Model


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  • steve7876
    Smith joara on February 15, 2023 at 6:51 a.m.
    The Peers, Inc. model, as described by Robin Chase, the co-founder of Zipcar, is a business model that combines the power of peers (individuals) and corporations (Inc.) to create a hybrid model that can scale quickly, efficiently, and sustainably. In this model, individuals or groups of individuals can leverage technology platforms to share and exchange assets, services, and information, while corporations can provide the infrastructure, resources, and expertise to support these peer-to-peer interactions.
    Robin Chase has suggested that this model can not only be used to grow businesses but also to solve big complex problems like climate change. She argues that by harnessing the power of peer-to-peer sharing and collaboration, we can create new solutions that are more sustainable, efficient, and effective than traditional approaches.
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