Comcast Continues to Insult Customers

Posted Thursday, February 5, 2015 in Customer Experience by Patricia Seybold

The most recent Comcast customer experience debacle—changing a customer’s name to A**hole on their bill—has been widely tweeted and commented upon. Ronni Marshak digs deeper. What’s wrong with the culture that engenders these customer insults? What business processes has Comcast established that leads its customer service reps to the kind of melt down that takes the entire company down?

Comcast names customer AholeRonni’s conclusion? If your business process doesn’t make it easy for customers to cancel their service when they actually need to do so, but instead incentivizes employees to keep customers buying services they no longer need or can no longer afford, then you’re creating a pressure cooker environment that will yield explosive results. 

When Comcast Insults Customers
Who’s to Blame?
By Ronni T. Marshak, EVP and Senior Consultant, February 5, 2015


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