Does Apple Pay Address Consumers’ Showstoppers?

Posted Saturday, October 11, 2014 in Online, Mobile & IT by Patricia Seybold

Here’s our first very preliminary take on Apple Pay. Looking at how Apple’s e-wallet actually works is only half the story. Soon, we’ll provide a companion review of how well the entire ecosystem that supports Apple Pay works. What are our criteria for success? Four consumer moments of truth that emerged in several customer co-design engagements we led with consumers who use credit cards and smartphones and were interested in streamlining payments safely. These co-design sessions were conducted in 2012, so consumers’ needs may have shifted. But the sessions coincided with the launch of the collaborative design process that Apple engaged in with many of its large partners. Just to be clear. We didn’t work directly with Apple. Looking at the preliminary report card, perhaps we should have.Apple Pay

How Apple Pay Stacks Up
How Well Does Apple Pay Meet Consumers’ Critical Needs?
By Patricia B. Seybold, CEO, The Patricia Seybold Group, October 10, 2014


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