GoFundMe Invests in Amazing Customer Service

Posted Saturday, November 26, 2016 in Customer Service by Patricia Seybold

How refreshing! I finally found an organization that does online customer service right. GoFundMe promises to reply to customer service emails within 5 minutes. And, they deliver! To be sure, the company starts by walking you through the usual customer service process:

  1. Search for a solution to your problem in their online FAQs and customer forums
  2. Select a topic area, select a drop-down choice, browse results
  3. When all else fails, post an email request (or launch a chat)

Much to my surprise, I received a meaty reply from Kayla @ GoFundMe Customer Happiness, explaining that she had fixed the problem for me and giving me some additional info. I checked, found a glitch, replied, she fixed it right away, and I was up and running. Now that's customer service!

I wonder how much it costs GoFundMe to provide this level of customer support and what the returns are. In my case, it made the difference between my launching a $500 campaign and giving up and going away.

What's the Campaign?

Here it is: gofundme.com/people-helping-people-in-boothbay

By the way, in the picture? That's my 99-year old mom pushing her friend, June Philips in the wheelchair on a trip to the library. Feel free to donate to support this amazing group of fiercely independent seniors in rural Maine. 


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