How many projects Blockchain community India running

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Blockchain Community is a collaboration of domain experts and technocrats to tap into potential technologies like AI and Blockchain can bring into the 11 traditional businesses that they have chosen for their initial initiative - healthcare sector, education sector, banking, and finance sector, utility and e-commerce sector, hospitality sector, information technology sector, supply chain sector, in online payments popularly known as payment gateway.

Projects running under Blockchain Community India

Blockchain Community India is running its projects under various headers namely - Blockchain and AI in Education, Blockchain and AI in banking and finance, blockchain and AI in IT and e-commerce, blockchain and AI in healthcare, blockchain and AI in hospitals,blockchain and AI in supply chain.

It tends to work towards transforming all these areas with its function. Blockchain is a technology that will help maintain and enhance transparency in the world of education, banking and finance and ecommerce and healthcare. It would also help reduce overall digital footprints of the users as with Blockchain Technology you can access all of users’ data without knowing who the user is. This would bring in better and more secure systems into this world and would help implement better IT infrastructure.

Blockchain and AI in Education

It would help improve overall functioning of schools and colleges by reducing the administrative overheads and provide a better understand of each student to the teachers. Also, it would help collate better course contents that would suite each student as per his learning pace and IQ levels. Also, this would help reduce overall maintenance cost of these schools. It would enhance the overall security of school and colleges IT infrastructure system and will help improve it operations. The possibilities with AI and Blockchain are limitless.

Blockchain and AI in banking and finance

In banking and finance system, first improvement that AI and Blockchain would bring is the higher security systems. It would also help improve its infrastructure. Again, it would also help improve financial products and will help bankers recommend better products to its customers as per their usage pattern so far. This will also help improve the bank and financial institutions bad loans criteria. They will be able to judge the person well in advance from his history and history of its associates and would be able to better judge if they should or should not provide loans to these people.

Blockchain and AI in IT and e-commerce

Blockchain and AI have big promises to the world of IT and ecommerce. With development of AI, the related infrastructure is also improving and hence this would improve its overall IT infrastructure in terms of throughput and security. This better performance of the systems will in turn improve the customer experience as the system would be up and running even during peak hours. Apart from this it has various promises for e-commerce as it would be able to collate data from several sources and will be able to recommend better products and improve overall experience of the end customer. It would also help these e-commerce companies improve their logistics and delivery system and would enable them to reduce the overall expenses by providing recommendations like shortest distance route and shortest response time.

Blockchain and AI in healthcare

Blockchain and AI would improve the healthcare systems by bringing in transparency and a decentralized system into place. It would help the world of Healthcare better predict the cure of the patients. The patient’s records would be readily available through connected systems. These people will be able to access these records and see family history to proactively know of any health hazards that may cause harm to the patient and can take preventive actions. There are huge possibilities for AI and Blockchain in Healthcare and AI department.

Blockchain and AI in hospitals

Blockchain and AI would improve overall hospital functions. Would be able to provide health indicators of each patient trough smart applications. Would ensure safety of patient’s health records by providing a more secure and stable system. Would also help Hospitals reduce their overall operations cost by helping them deploy less administrative staff as all work would be automated and would require only few people to operate them. They would also help deploy smart ICU and emergency wards for the patients in the hospitals.

Blockchain and AI in supply chain

Blockchain and AI would provide a quite a transparent system to supply chain system. This way there could not be any tampering of data in between. Also, Blockchain and AI would help deploy smart systems into the whole value chain indicating the vendors the right time when they should send the procure the products and send it to manufacturers in order to reduce waste.


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