How Much is Your Data Worth to Google?

Posted Wednesday, October 10, 2012 in Online, Mobile & IT by Scott Jordan

Interesting article in CNet, "How Much is Your Data Worth to Google" reports on a new add-on called Privacy Fix for Firefox and Chrome that calculates exactly how much companies like Google and Facebook are making from your data. 

 PrivacyFix Screenshot

"Haven't you ever wondered how much you're worth to free services like Gmail and Facebook?

Privacyfix, a new add-on by PrivacyChoice for Firefox and Chrome browsers, can tell you. It scans your account and browsing data, to estimate the amount that Facebook and Google make from your data (which they sell to advertisers), and tells you where Facebook and Google are tracking your web activity.

It also checks websites you have visited for privacy issues.

Perhaps more importantly than telling you your dollar worth to Facebook and Google — which are only guesses, after all — Privacyfix issues solutions for potential privacy leaks in your profiles with those companies. Facebook, for example, indexes your profile on Google by dafualt, and allows your friends to share your profile with their apps. Links to the relevant settings pages are provided, so you can apply the fix yourself."

This is definitely worth a closer look!



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