My Apple Store Experience in Shanghai (and my letter to Woz)

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 in Customer Service by Scott Jordan

Okay, here's the story about the Apple store in the fabulous Pudong section of Shanghai, as related in my email to Steve Wozniak... you'll see.

Date: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Subject: You helped get me home
To: Steve Wozniak

A few weeks ago I was in Shanghai to give a tutorial at a synchrotron
conference.  After the meetings concluded, my wife and I went to the
train station for an afternoon's lark in Hangzhou.

Unfortunately my passport got pickpocketed at the train station.

I needed a photocopy to speed up an emergency replacement-- there's no
exiting China without a passport!  I had a photo on a thumb drive but
needed to get it printed.  Where better than an Apple Store?  ...And
so we dashed to the fancy store in Pudong and asked if we could print
the photo there.  The staff was friendly and indicated in what little
English they could muster (still way better than my Mandarin!) that
they'd ask a manager for approval... but one seemed not to be around
at that moment.  To pass the time, I pulled out my iPhone and paged
through the photos to the one from when I had the opportunity to chat
with you at the Apple Store here in Los Gatos as you set up for an
overnight vigil for the iPhone 4S launch.

And that, sir, parted the sea.  The staff grinned excitedly and passed
my phone around, and suddenly there was no further delay getting the
passport photocopy printed.  Clearly you have some fans in Shanghai.

Having the print wasn't quite enough to get me on my scheduled flight
home, but it greatly facilitated the emergency paperwork and helped
cut a couple days off my involuntary stay.

Thought you'd enjoy the scene.


--Scott Jordan


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