Pattys' Pioneers Predictions for 2016

Posted Saturday, January 16, 2016 in Innovation by Patricia Seybold

Every year, members of Patty's Pioneers' group enjoy sharing their technology predictions for the coming year. This year's submissions are interestingly diverse. Several touched on topics I hadn't heard of, much less thought about, such as:



Image from Horvath P, Barrangou R (2010). "CRISPR/Cas, the immune system of bacteria and archaea" doi:10.1126/science.1179555

Diagram of the CRISPR prokaryotic viral defense mechanism

Diagram of How an Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Transaction Blockchain Works


There were several themes that seemed to clump together, although different people came at them from different angles:

Cloud Computing Lock-In

Illustration courtesy of Bournemouth University PG Research Blog, 11/11/14

Specific companies that Pioneers mentioned as being impacted (positively or negatively) in 2016, included:

Second Life World

Second Life Ahearn Welcome Area as seen by Oculus Rift

I hope you'll add YOUR predictions for technology trends in 2016. You can post yours here [Look for the Start Discussion button in the right column]. Or, email them to me ( and I'll post them for you.


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