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Posted Thursday, December 19, 2013 in Customer Service by Patricia Seybold

One of the things that we love doing more than anything is talking with people about their customer issues. We offer free phone consultation sessions with no strings attached. We are honestly not trying to sell you something. We are interested in hearing what you’re working on and where you are in that process. What customer experience challenges do you face? What new products are you planning to launch that you need to be successful? How do you think you could you make it easier for customers to use and value your services? What’s the best way you’ve found to collect really authentic customer input? Are you getting good results from your various customer advisory groups and online forums? We are happy to listen, pat you on the back, and to offer our advice, with no fees or expectations. Seriously.

With over 30 years of experience working with customer-centric execs (and not so customer-centric execs) at hundreds of firms in many different industries, the chances are good that we know someone who has already faced and learned from the particular challenges that your team is confronting, and we’ll follow up with an email summarizing what we heard and, if appropriate, connecting you to others who have experiences you can benefit from. So sign up today for this free gift—the chance to be really heard by someone who appreciates what you’re doing and the challenges you and your team face! (Fill in this form, or just send me an email with the best times for you at


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