Using Customer Scenario Mapping at Appirio

Posted Tuesday, April 29, 2014 in Customer Experience by Patricia Seybold

Michelle Swan is head of Customer Experience at Appirio. She has been getting some coaching from us about how to interview customers, identify critical issues, and build consensus across her organization about how the company could improve the end-to-end customer experience for its customers. Michelle is a real self-starter. She didn't hire us to do the interviews, nor to run her internal Customer Experience Mapping session. She just wanted coaching and "how to's"... So, with the help of our online Customer Scenario Mapping training and some phone calls and help analyzing her customer interviews, Michelle and her colleagues led a team of her Senior Execs through a Customer Scenario Mapping session--without any hands on training! This was a first for us...

I am delighted to report that the session went very well.. and was judged one of the best executive meetings they have had. Everyone agreed on the issues that impacted the customers well. And they identified customer-critical moments of truth to fix.

Here's Michelle's blog post, where she reports about her experience to-date...Kudos to Michelle for jumping into Customer Scenario mapping with both feet!


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