Welcome to the New and Improved Customers.com

Posted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 in Online, Mobile & IT by Ronni Marshak

Welcome to the new and improved Customers.com website! We are very excited about the results of the two years of planning, development, and testing that we’ve done.

The new site should help you navigate more easily to the exact content that you are looking for and information should be easier to read and to download.

But most exciting is the interactive nature of Customers.com online. We can now state with confidence that there is truly a Customers.com Community. Our Forum is open to all who sign up (even for a free membership!). You can participate in the Forum conversations, post questions to both articles and Forum topics, comment on articles and Forum posts, and offer your own stories and case studies!

We hope that you find the new site easier to use and the Forum engaging. We look forward to your posts, questions, and comments. And we are always looking to improve the site, so don’t hesitate to send any suggestions, concerns, or compliments to help@customers.com.


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