What Are Your CX Vital Signs?

Posted Thursday, February 27, 2014 in Customer Experience by Ronni Marshak

We define customers’ moments of truth as the showstoppers that keep customers from getting things done. These are the things that you need to proactively monitor to see how well you’re doing. Andrew Spanyi, a business process consultant and author, refers to these as your customer experience vital signs. Health care professionals monitor your heart rate and your blood pressure for a reason. They’re important indicators of your health. If you know what matters most to your customers, Andrew reasons (and we agree), you can proactively check these. 

Andrew SpanyiAndrew Spanyi offers three key vital signs that every company should be checking:

  1. How easy it is to apply or order?
  2. Was the product/service delivered on time?
  3. How quick, accurate, and complete were responses to inquiries and complaints (e.g., first time resolution)?

We’ve discovered some additional moments of truth that matter to customers performing different activities. We’ve codified them into patterns. Here are some articles that may help you find the CX Vital Signs that matter for your business:

The articles above describe customer experience lifecycle patterns with moments of truth and sample customer metrics.

We also have codified the CX vital signs in customer-goal-oriented scenarios, such as:

The bottom line: if you care about being a customer-centric organization and delivering a great customer experience, identify the customer-critical moments of truth and monitor them proactively to see how well you’re performing on the things that matter most to customers.

Assessing Customer Experience from the Outside In
What Are Your Customer Experience Vital Signs?
By Andrew Spanyi, Guest Author, February 27, 2014




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