What does AI Think it's Good for in Customer Service?

Posted Friday, June 16, 2023 in AI in Customer Experience by Patricia Seybold

Now that Chat GPT has gotten so good at writing articles—or at least first drafts of articles, I decided to ask Chat GPT 3.5 to write an article about using AI for customer service. My instructions were: “Please write a short (500-word) article about the pros and cons of using GPT for customer service in the style of Patricia Seybold, the author of Customers.com, The Customer Revolution, and Outside Innovation, as well as many articles which are found on her web site at www.customers.com.” Here, you’ll see the resulting article, generated almost 100% by Chat GPT (except for typos and missing words). As a writer, I found it a little scary! As a consultant, I’m intrigued when I think about how much time I can save doing research, while focusing my intellect and experience on the challenges I’m trying to help clients address.


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