Where do you Stand in your Digital Marketing Maturity Model?

Posted Thursday, April 30, 2015 in Customer Experience by Susan Aldrich

Interacting with customers who use mobile devices as their most common tool, who search to find information dozens of times a day, and who expect immediate answers to questions and swift problem resolution via text messaging as well as phone or online chats is a huge challenge. 

For one financial services firm, Suncorp Group, with over 9 million customers in Australia and New Zealand, there's an additional challenge. The company has many different insurance and financial services products lines, at least 15 different brands, and many business units. 

Yet, in 2010, Suncorp Group put together a digital marketing strategy consisting of (at least) three parts:

  1. Change the culture
  2. Standardize on digital marketing platforms
  3. Establish a Digital Marketing Maturity model and assess each marketing organization on where they are, so they can all move together to the next level. 

Suncorp's Digital Marketing Maturity Model

I capture the essence of the Suncorp approach in this case study


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