Who Invented Customer Scenario Mapping?

Posted Saturday, March 25, 2023 in Customer Experience by Patricia Seybold

Patricia Seybold and Ronni Marshak were the co-inventors of Customer Scenario Mapping. This method was co-designed with our customers in 1995 and has evolved since then. Unlike Customer Experience Mapping or Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Scenario Mapping has FOUR major distinctive features: 1) It is not the Current Experience that is mapped, but the Customers' IDEAL experience. (If anything were possible, how SHOULD it work to be as easy as possible for you. 2) Teams of CUSTOMERS (who share a common context) do the mapping -- not people pretending to be customers. 3) Customers identify their showstoppers and they IDENTIFY SUCCESS METRICS for each one. In other words, if you could eliminate or mitigate that issue, how would customers measure success. HINT: the answer is usually in Elapsed Time. And 4) Once customers have mapped out their ideal experiences, the potential showstoppers and the success metrics for each showstopper, teams of stakeholders for the entire ecosystem involved in the Scenario (e.g. customer support staff, IT staff, business partners, distributors, wholesalers, regulators, etc.) take over. Each team maps out a supporting layer of the map. Each supporting team in the customer ecosystem focuses on how to eliminate or mitigate the customers' showstoppers AND how they will MEASURE their ability to do so, including what the business benefits and ROI will be. HINT: If you eliminate obstacles that make it hard for customers to get things done, you save money!


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