Amazon’s AutoRip: Will It Lure Customers Off iTunes?

Posted Thursday, January 24, 2013 in Online, Mobile & IT by Patricia Seybold

I think that Amazon’s AutoRip is brilliant, including the way the company just quietly started doing it, surprising and delighting most customers who suddenly discovered that they had a whole online music library of music they loved that they didn’t have to create or buy. Watching what happens with AutoRip will be a fascinating case study to examine a number of issues:

Amazon Cloud Player App

  1. When is it OK to do something that “benefits” your customers without asking for their consent?
  2. What are the critical customer experience things you need to get right when you ’re helping customers “manage their stuff?”
  3. Will Amazon’s CD AutoRipping service get customers to add Amazon Cloud Player to their devices? Will customers mind have two (or more) music libraries to “manage”?
  4. A year from now, will AutoRip be seen as a turning point in the music marketshare battle?

Here's my article:

Amazon Takes on Apple in Digital Music
Combined CDs and AutoRip Make Amazon Cloud Player More Enticing



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