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Posted Thursday, January 2, 2014 in Customer Experience by Patricia Seybold

To kick off the New Year, we offer you our best articles from last year. In fact, in order to make it easy for you to read these, we’ve removed the “paywall” for all of them for 30 days. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to sample those you haven’t noticed or had time to read during the last 12 months.

Every week we publish a new article. Each one takes hours of research, thought, and preparation. Which of these articles did anyone read? Of the visitors to the website in 2013, the largest number of you landed on, lingered on, and/or downloaded these 5 of the 60 articles we published last year.

Strategic Thinking:

Putting Customers at the Core 1. Defining the Customer-Centric Organization: What Are the Attributes and Behaviors that Define True Customer-Centricity? by Ronni Marshak, 7/25/2013

2. Peer-to-Peer Business Models: Facilitating “Matchmaking” between Individuals for Fun and Profit, by Ronni Marshak, 7/12/2013

CX How To’s:

3. Utility Customer Experiences: Stark Contrasts in Dealing with NStar and National Grid: What Each Did Right and What Needs Improvement When Helping Customers in Need, by Ronni Marshak, 1/31/2013

Mobile & E-Commerce:

4. Will Klarna Become a Major Player? Invoicing for Consumers Who Want to Pay After Receipt of Goods, by Patricia Seybold, 3/14/2013

5. Mobile Crowdsourcing Apps: From Waze to Weather to Citizen Reporting and Beyond, by Ronni Marshak, 10/3/2013

We’re glad that readers found and read those articles. We’re not sure what drove their popularity. We didn’t promote them. Let us know which are your favorites.

Ronni’s “Don’t Miss” 2013 Articles 

How Does a Robocall Work? Although gratified that four of her articles made the “5 most popular” list this year, Ronni Marshak wants to be sure you also check out a few more of her personal favorites.

Customer Service/Customer Experience: Pre- and post-sales customer service is a huge part of the customer experience that customers associate with your brand.

1. Robocalls: Annoying and Illegal: Avoid This Customer-Unfriendly Practice Except for Appointment Reminders, by Ronni Marshak, 11/14/2013

2. Empower Your Tech Support to Capture Knowledge: Helping Your Agents to Avoid Dell’s Mistakes, by Ronni Marshak, 10/17/2013

Customer Collaboration: We’re big fans of working with groups of customers to get things done. 

3. What Constitutes a Customer Community? Hint: It Isn’t a Bunch of Facebook “Likes,” by Ronni Marshak, 2/28/2013

4. Collaborating with Customers: Working Together with Customers to Achieve Their Goals, by Ronni Marshak, 4/4/2013

Patty’s “Don’t Miss” 2013 Articles

There are a number of consistent themes in what I cover each year, as well as some surprises. I try to write about the things you care the most about, but also feel it’s my duty to scout and alert you to the next big things.

Mobile Perspectives: Mobile is where most of the excitement is these days as we all spend more and more time getting things done via our mobile devices. I believe that Amazon is the “sleeper” in the mobile field.

1. Why “Pay with Amazon” Is a Big Deal: How Amazon’s Payment Services Will Impact Mobile E-Wallets, by Patricia Seybold, 10/25/2013

2. Why Alaska Airlines Considers Mobile Development a Core Competency: Speed Up Improvements in Customer Experience through Mobile, by Patricia Seybold, 2/21/2013

“New” Concepts: Customer Clouds and Customer Ecosystems are two key trends we have been promulgating for some time. These are not fads.  

By 2015, Customers Will Expect Your Firm to Provide a Customer Cloud  Where They Can Manage Their Stuff 3. Cloud Computing in 2015: End-Customers’ Priorities Will Drive Companies’ Customer Cloud Implementations, by Patricia Seybold, 12/13/2013

4. How Valuable and Sustainable Is Twitter’s Customer Ecosystem? What Is a Twitter End-Customer Worth to Investors? by Patricia Seybold, 11/22/2013

Privacy Concerns: Edward Snowden is a hero to me. I believe that he helped all of us get much better educated about what’s really going on in Internet privacy (or lack thereof).

5. Have We Consented to Government Surveillance? Do Citizens, Residents, and People in Other Countries Have a Right to Privacy in the Digital Age? By Patricia Seybold, 8/1/2013

6. DuckDuckGo Respects Our Privacy: Fast, Simple Search with an Open Customer-Friendly Ecosystem, by Patricia Seybold, 6/28/2013

Mitch’s “Don’t Miss” 2013 Articles 

Mitch Kramer’s articles are written for customer service decision-makers and for the product managers who develop and market products that cater to those clients’ needs. Mitch has devoted 2013 to diving deep into Social Service Monitoring and Virtual Agent technology. Here are some of his best articles for 2013.

1. IntelliResponse Virtual Agent: Virtual Agents that Are Fast and Easy to Deploy and that Deliver One Right Answer to Customers’ Questions, by Mitchell Kramer, 5/10/2013

Radian6 Insights 2. Salesforce Radian6: An Insight Ecosystem: The Social Monitoring, Analysis, and Interaction Application of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, by Mitchell Kramer, 8/1/2013

3. Oracle Service Cloud Social Experience: Built-In Social Monitoring, Analysis, and Interaction, by Mitchell Kramer, 9/27/2013


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