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  • Fish Planet, lda by fish planet in Other
    A Fish Planet é um grupo de lojas de produtos para animais que nasceu em 2001, destacando-se pela enorme variedade de produtos e pela qualidade no serviço de apoio ao cliente. Associam-se as Clínicas Veterinárias Vet Planet e Hotel Monsanto Pet. https://fishplanet.pt/
    Oct. 26, 2021
  • Bella by bella dresses in Other
    At Bella, we specialize in black tie event wear, Wedding, formal occasion dresses and more! We have all your needs for Prom, Homecoming, Quinceanera, Brides and their Bridesmaids and more! We also offer some alterations in-house!  https://bellapromweddingdress.com/
    Oct. 26, 2021
  • Security Camera Installation by daniel barrioss in Other
    We are a Security Camera Installation Company based in Miami and serving the Miami-Dade and Broward areas. We have been in business with last 20 years and providing best residential and commercial security camera installation services. Contact at (786) 496-4584 for any enquiry! https://installationsecuritycamera.com/
    Oct. 26, 2021
  • PB Leaflet Distribution by PB Leaflet Distribution in Other
    Whatever distribution you wish to have done: Leaflets, Flyers, Business cards, Circulars, Menus, Vouchers, Magazines, etc. We can target and reach the best customers for you. We can distribute small or large campaigs at a short notice. All our staff are fully trained,uniformed,adults and ready for work in all weather ...
    Oct. 26, 2021
  • Can Vets Help US Citizens Get Gun Control Enacted? by Patricia Seybold in Other
    In the aftermath of the Orlando Mass Shooting, there are the usual feeble attempts to strengthen legislation to control the sale of assault weapons in the U.S. Why can't the people in this country make it clear that we are devastated by the rampant gun violence: mass shootings, school shootings, ...
    Jun. 18, 2016
  • Are we on the verge of a Global Financial Collapse? by Patricia Seybold in Other
    For the past several weeks, alarm bells have been going off in my head. I expected Greece to default on its debt, and I was concerned about the possibility of contagion. I am afraid that the game of monetary musical chairs that keeps the derivative economy moving, will crash to ...
    Jul. 9, 2015
  • 2015: Industries Ripe for Disruptive Innovations by Patricia Seybold in Other
    Happy New Year from the Customers.com team! We believe that 2015 will be a year of grass roots activity and customer-led innovation. Consumers will continue to vote with their now meager wallets to buy the products they value and need from the companies that treat them with respect. Young people ...
    Dec. 31, 2014
  • Best of Customers.com Articles in 2014 by Ronni Marshak in Other
    In looking back over all the articles we wrote this past year, we’ve picked a few of our best efforts to highlight for you. Most of these articles were only available for download to our paying Customers.com Strategies and/or Technologies service subscribers. But, as our year end gift to all ...
    Dec. 31, 2014
  • “Best of YouTube 2014” Video by Patricia Seybold in Other
    The best way I can think of to celebrate the holidays is to share with you this video highlighting the incredible adventurousness and creativity of our human race. Luc Bergeron, actor, director, and video editor, known as Zapatou, has compiled a 2014 retrospective “Best of Web” video from crowdsourced YouTube-posted ...
    Dec. 19, 2014
  • New Community-Led Patient Empowerment Program by Patricia Seybold in Other
    Since Dave deBronkart’s visit to my community on the coast of Maine this past summer, our Health & Wellness Foundation has launched our own Patient Empowerment program. Led by a local surgeon, Dr. Stephen Cook, and supported by our retired pharmacist, Rick Powis, a small group of 18 patients have ...
    Oct. 24, 2014
  • Will Customers Regain Control Over Their Lives? by Patricia Seybold in Other
    I began thinking last week about all the ways in which the world seems to be spiraling out of our control. No matter how “together” or successful people are, we all seem to be deeply troubled by a number of seemingly inexorable trends that leave us all feeling quite powerless. ...
    Jun. 13, 2014
  • Why the U.S. Government Thinks It Can Search Peoples’ Electronic Information in EU Data Centers by Patricia Seybold in Other
    Long-time client and friend, Donald Callahan, sent us his timely analysis of a U.S. Federal Court case involving Microsoft and the attempt of the U.S. government to obtain a customer’s email from Microsoft’s Data Center in Dublin. Donald’s full analysis appeared in the blog post entitled US Law in European ...
    May. 22, 2014
  • Featured Case Studies by Patricia Seybold in Other
    We love writing case studies! We like interviewing people about how and why they did what they did and what results they achieved. That’s one way we learn what works and what doesn’t and why. Here are a few of our favorite recent case studies for you to enjoy. : ...
    May. 2, 2014
  • What’s the Problem with CABs? Too Little Listening; Too Many Presentations! by Patricia Seybold in Other
    What if you had a Customer Advisory Board meeting in which PowerPoint presentations were banned? What if your executives and product managers spent most of the first day listening deeply to their customers talk among themselves about how they do their jobs and comparing notes about the strategic issues they’re ...
    Apr. 4, 2014
  • Edward Snowden’s Call to Action by Patricia Seybold in Other
    Edward Snowden has mobilized the Tech and UX communities to improve and to rescue the Internet. This is a watershed event. It’s an irresistible and catalyzing challenge that I believe WILL produce results. This week, Snowden threw down a gauntlet: Save the Internet by designing easy-to-use end-to-end encryption. I believe ...
    Mar. 13, 2014
  • Open Letter to Microsoft’s New CEO by Patricia Seybold in Other
    I don’t believe I’ve met Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO. But I do know Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and John Thompson (the chairman of the board). I like the new management team. I’ve been disinterested in anything Microsoft does for almost a decade. Why? My clients—customer-centric, tech-savvy executives in both ...
    Feb. 13, 2014
  • Seasons Greetings: Celebrate “Down Time” by Patricia Seybold in Other
    We wish you a wonderful holiday, and we hope that you’ll take some much deserved personal “down time” over this holiday period. Of course, it’s a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. But it’s also a good time to do some personal recharging. And we hope you take ...
    Dec. 20, 2013
  • A Proud Day in Boston Sports History by Ronni Marshak in Other
    Two nights ago the Boston Red Sox won the World Series at home for the first time in 95 years! As a Boston-based company filled with BoSox fans, we are thrilled (and sleepy—the festivities ended late) and want to share our delight with our readers. All through the Series, however, ...
    Oct. 31, 2013
  • How We Lost Our Hospital by Patricia Seybold in Other
    As many of our loyal readers know, I have been involved in the effort to try to save my local Maine community’s hospital for over a year. Unfortunately, on October 1st, our efforts were defeated when our beloved St. Andrews Hospital, which had served our local fishing, tourist, and retirement ...
    Oct. 11, 2013
  • Good Profile of the People Edward Snowden Trusts with His Revelations by Patricia Seybold in Other
    As I have written before, I believe that Snowden is a hero who is risking his life and has sacrificed his liberty to blow the whistle on the profound violations of our human right to freedom from surveillance. This long article, How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets by ...
    Aug. 31, 2013