Pattys' Pioneers

For over two decades, since 1989, a small group of very smart technology architects have been "hanging out" together--both online and in person. We call ourselves "Patty's Pioneers" because each of us was spotted and recruited into this group by Patty Seybold. And Patty convenes our semi-annual meetings, facilitates the discussions, and asks questions.

What we have in common is way that we think about software technology and the ways in which we tend to design the systems we build. There are many patterns that we find repeating themselves over the years. Many of us started out as object-oriented programmers and architects. But each of us has used many different programming languages, operating systems, and configuraitons. We have watched architectures move back and forth between centralized and distributed, between client and server, between tightly-couple and loosely-coupled over the years.

We also have in common the fact that we've all worked in a number of different organizations, and learned how to steer our businesses into technology-led transformation. We have learned "the secret handshake" required to be taken seriously by our business counterparts. 

Patty keeps reminding us to remain grounded by working closely with our customers as we design each next generation or new offering. 

Our next meeting will take place in the Spring of 2016. If you think you might fit this group, contact Patty Seybold for an interview.