Training in Customer Co-Design

Did you know that you can be trained and certified in the techniques of® Customer Co-Design and the Customer Scenario® Mapping (CSM) methodology that we use in our world-class consulting work? We offer both self-paced, online lessons as well as personalized master classes and coaching  -- all designed to address your specific project(s) and to meet your skills mastery goals.

Certification as a Customer Scenario Mapping facilitator takes 4 steps, done on a schedule to fit your needs:

  1. Online Training: In 5 hours of self-paced online training, you’ll cover the concepts and principles of customer co-design, and the techniques you’ll need to become a successful CSM facilitator.
  2. Learn by Doing with Coaching: Roll up your sleeves and practice what you’ve learned with your colleagues. Get your teams to walk in your customers’ shoes.  We’ll coach you by phone before and after each session you facilitate.
  3. Facilitator Certification: We’ll run a 2-day master class at your company. You’ll practice, plan, and run a Customer Scenario Mapping session with key project stakeholders, working on an actual customer-impacting initiative.
  4. Consultant Certification: After you’ve demonstrated mastery of the CSM techniques, we’ll “shadow consult” with you as you plan and run your first co-design session with end-customers. You’ll deliver actionable insights combined with customers’ success metrics and a win/win business case. 

Ongoing Coaching: Throughout your training, internal practice sessions, and the certification process, your personal CSM coach will be available for online and telephone mentoring. This personal mentoring and coaching is available at no cost for a full year after certification.

Significant Benefits to Training

As a certified Customer Scenario® Mapping consultant, you’ll be a critical resource and a highly-valued contributor to your firm’s customer-impacting projects.

We recommend training 3 or more facilitators at once. With trained facilators on your staff, you can run customer co-design sessions without hiring us - thus reducing scheduling bottlenecks and costs. 

Cost of Training

Your investment in self-paced online training with personal coaching (steps 1 and 2) is $2,500 per person. The Practicum & Certification workshop and coaching (steps 3 and 4) will be customized for your organization, and conducted at your location with your customers/stakeholders (negotiated fee).

Next Steps

Contact Us to find out how we can help your organization master these Customer Co-Design techniques on your next customer-critical project while you learn by doing. Want to get started wih online training?  Let us know!

Interested in these Customer Co-Design techniques?

  • Segment Customer Behaviors
  • Identify & Recruit Lead Customers
  • Interview Customers In-Depth
  • Surface Customers' Issues & Vision
  • Define Customer Personas in Context
  • Create Actionable Customer Scorecards
  • Nurture Your Lead Customer Community


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Customers and Clients Creating a Customer Scenario Map

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