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  • Digital Transformation at Sears Holdings

    Data-driven Personalization Fuels a Member-Centric Strategy

    by Patricia Seybold , Susan Aldrich

    Since 2009, Sears Holdings (Sears, K-Mart and related brands) have promoted a rewards program called "Shop Your Way" to turn shoppers into members. The loyalty program is supported by big data analytics ...

    Jul. 16, 2015
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  • Next IT Alme, Version 2.2

    Virtual Assistants Deliver Personalized Service through Simple and Complex Interactions

    by Mitchell Kramer

    We evaluate Alme--a virtual assistant that supports single question-single answer interactions and complex, directed, goal-based dialogs in nearly any language. Alme delivers answers, resolutions, and actions.

    Jun. 24, 2015
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  • Un-Empowered Employee Limits a CX "Save"

    Microtel Tries its Best, but can't Completely Remedy a Bad Situation

    by Ronni Marshak

    A loyal hotel patron expects front line customer service rep to be able to reimburse for minor losses. How much leeway should a front line service rep be given?

    Jun. 3, 2015
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  • IBM Watson Engagement Advisor Update

    Virtual Assistants that Use Cognitive Technology to Think and Learn

    by Mitchell Kramer

    How does IBM Watson Engagement Advisor stack up in providing virtual assisted-service across customer service channels? Its virtual assistants can answer many types of customers’ questions and, through usage, can learn to ...

    May. 22, 2015
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