Freeride Windfoil

Posted Wednesday, December 16, 2020 in Other by Jonh Watson

TAAROA’s freeride windfoil range is designed to give an easy, stable, yet dynamic performance. Using durable and performance-oriented materials such as Carbon UHM, Carbon HR, aluminum, and titanium, our wind foils are designed with ease of use and modularity in mind.  Our NOE range is designed for freeride and freerace, with an athletic-oriented feel.  For easy cruising and a wavy-type free move orientation, the UP is ideal for water play at any local spot.  As you progress, you can easily add and change different components of any of our freeride wind foils, such as the mast, wing, stabilizer, and fuselage, using our universal mounting system.  All details and specifications of our modifiable windfoil series, the NOE, and UP, can be found on our website.


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