Madden NFL 21: How To Trade for Deshaun Watson

Posted Sunday, February 21, 2021 in Other by video game

With the breaking news that Deshaun Watson wants out of the Houston Texans, this means many NFL Teams are likely trying to put together trade packages for the 25-year-old star. Whether you want to send him out west or up north, you've got 31 options to send Deshaun Watson to, and here are some of the trades we can mock-up that'll reward you with the three-time Pro Bowler.

1. Deshaun Watson to Miami Dolphins

One of the most likely destinations for Deshaun Watson this offseason has been rumored to be the Miami Dolphins, who played surprisingly well last season. In Madden, they don't have many high-rated players, but what they lack overall, they strive in potential.

Watson's cap hit in Madden before his contract extension kicks in is only around $10 million, meaning you can match the salaries pretty easily and avoid having to match salaries over $30 million. With the right draft pick(s) and giving up your growing QB, you can quickly transform the Dolphins into contenders in the AFC before bringing in more talent in free agency before his big salary kicks in.

2. Deshaun Watson to the Panthers

Teaming up Deshaun Watson with Christian McCaffrey in the Carolina Panthers offense seems like a match made in heaven. The Panthers have struggled recently, finishing 5-11 in each of the last two seasons, and Terry Bridgewater wasn't the answer for the team. The Panthers will have a high draft pick this coming draft, which is a very valuable asset to have in trading for a player like Watson. Combine that with one or two young pieces and a future draft pick and you can land yourself the potential best QB/RB duo in the league.

3. Deshaun Watson to the Denver Broncos

Finally, we have the Denver Broncos, who make an interesting case in picking up Deshaun Watson in real life and Madden.

The Broncos will also have a high first-round draft pick in the NFL Draft in Madden, which already covers a decent amount of the price tag to secure Watson. Sending players like Drew Lock and maybe one of your two starter-quality running backs: Melvin Gordon or Phillip Lindsey and future draft capital can be enough.

In Madden 21, your possibilities are endless, so play around with different teams and find out which team Deshaun Watson will fit the best in your eyes! For more information, please click here. The most important is you can buy mut 21 coins at cheap prices from here. Simultaneously, 100% safe. With these coins, you can obtain any player that you want and win the game easily!


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