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Introduction to Blockchain Community India

Blockchain Community India is a collaboration of domain experts and technocrats to tap into potential technologies like AI and Blockchain can bring into the 11 traditional businesses that they have chosen for their initial initiative - healthcare sector, education sector, banking, and finance sector, utility and e-commerce sector, hospitality sector, information technology sector, supply chain sector, in online payments popularly known as payment gateway.

Blockchain Community India Projects

Blockchain and AI in Education

This works under four heads namely - Blockchain Education Program, Artificial Intelligence Education Program, Blockchain and AI Based Schools, Blockchain and AI Based Colleges. Under Blockchain Education Program, we tend to transform the education system where blockchain based tools will be implemented. We also help professionals related to education field learn about these technologies and how they can further work to imbibe the usage of this technology in the world of education. The basic criteria to learn this technology is knowledge of C++, Java and Python.

Next isArtificial Intelligence Education Programwhich is related to simplification of admin related tasks in schools, global teaching at your doorsteps, to enable smart content for students and better IT infrastructure. Third initiative isBlockchain and AIBased schoolswhich uses powerful AI system to improve the efficiency of these schools and colleges. This will also help to reduce overall cost of operations and will provide greater visibility of financials of the institutions. This will also help to enhance the responsiveness of the educational system. This will also help reduce the overall administrative tasks that are carried out in schools and colleges, it will provide a centralized system for students and will also allow remote access to students and will help transformthe content as per every student.

Similarly, in colleges it will help enhance the overall infrastructure security, will help secure the communications between the administrator and students and there would be no gap between the teacher and students as they would be always in touch through AI based systems. It would also enhance the overall data security and will reduce the digital footprints.

Blockchain and AI in Banking and Finance

About use cases of blockchain in banking and finance world, these are projects that currently being run by Blockchain Community India - Blockchain And AI based exchange (Bitkart Exchange), Blockchain and AI based UPI, wallet and payment gateway, blockchain and AI based Nidhi limited, Blockchain and AI based micro finance limited. With all these projects Blockchain Community India tends to transform these businesses and reduce their overall cost. Artificial Intelligence will help automate the credit analysis as well and help them optimize their loan products and their rates to help the members in complete capacity.

Blockchain and AI in IT and e-commerce

Blockchain and AI based shopping portals would be able to process your shopping related needs very quickly. Even in peak hours it will be functional and up and running. It will further help enhance the users overall experience by collating their data from internet and use it to bring out information like better product recommendations, better customer support, better logistics etc. Companies like Amazon and Flipkart have already started their journey in this arena and is planning to bring better logistics, better transparency, authenticity and anti-counterfeit system, to its customers which would increase it overall likability amongst its users.

Blockchain and AI in healthcare

Blockchain and AI based path labs, blockchain and Ai based radiology labs and Blockchain and Ai based hospitals are some of the projects run by Blockchain Community India under this header. It tends to bring better transparency and accuracy in their reports, will help them access historical data and extract great inferences out of it. It also works towards incorporation of future health predictions and will help health insurance companies by identifying false cases and save money from such claims.It will also help implement decentralized system between the clinicians and radiology labs, it will help provide better transparency and will also be able to predict the quality of cure. AI would then help all of us to make future predictions which could help the individual patient get early detection and cure which would not only help him remain healthy but will also help him save lots of money from future health cure if not detected so early.

Apart from this Blockchain Community of India is also actively working on uses cases for Blockchain and AI in Hospitality and Blockchain and AI in Supply Chain. It would slowly develop its software products in all above fields and launch them as and when they are susceptible to market needs.

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