Friend of Patty since...  Cofounder and chief operating officer for CohesiveFT. Experiences spanning enterprise IT and several entrepreneurial startups. Long ago was global head of data center operations and security for Swiss Banks capital markets, and O'Connor and Associates. Before beging of recorded time was one of the founders and an EVP of the Chicago Board Options Exchange during its early and rapid growth years. COO of Bedouin, Inc, which was acquired by Borland, and as a VP at Borland played in the acquisition of Starbase. Was COO of Signet Assurance, one of those entrepreneural adventures that did not make it - but proud to say that team included Eric Hughes, the noted cryptographer, and Bram Cohen, the founder of BitTorrent. Recently, the Managing Member of Leporidae Holdings LLC, a private software asset management sister company to CohesiveFT. Leporidae sold its interest in Rabbit Technologies Limited to VMWare.