Customer Journey Mapping--Seybold Style

Posted Sunday, November 25, 2018 in Customer Experience by Patricia Seybold

We’ve been running Customer Journey Mapping/Customer Experience Mapping workshops for almost 30 years! There is nobody with more experience doing this work today. We call them Customer Scenario Maps. They depict your customers’ ideal experiences for getting things done. They are role-based. They are context-based.

 Customer Journey Map for a Provider of Cloud Services

In order to create an entire end-to-end customer experience journey (the customers' relationship with your products/company across the entire lifecycle), you actually need to produce about 4 scenario maps (often depicting people in different roles throughout the lifecycle--who researches, who decides, who purchases, who implements, who uses/consumes, who fixes/adjusts, who renews/replenishes, who replaces or discards?).

A big difference in our Customer Mapping workshops is that we ALWAYS do them WITH the actual customers co-designing their experiences. Doing an internal, cross-stakeholder mapping session is a great way to get everyone, across silos, on the same page about the value of providing a seamless, great customer experience. But it doesn’t actually tell you what the experience is that your customers actually want and need. Only your customers can show you that.

Not only do customers love to show you how they would ideally like to transform the way they do things, better yet, they show you exactly where their biggest pain points are, and why. (Sometimes you know where difficulties occur, but it’s not always obvious WHY). When customers map out their ideal scenarios, in context, they all agree on where the showstoppers/moments of truth are. And, even more miraculously, they agree on the success metrics that would mitigate or avoid that showstopper (for example, “I need my corporate lawyer to be able to approve this contract with no more than 3 iterations, within 72 hours.”) Once you know the customers’ showstoppers (by role and context) and their success metrics, it becomes straightforward and a lot of fun to identify what you need to be able to monitor and control to ensure that you can meet their success metrics. And, wonder of wonders, once you know what to measure and monitor, you also know how to make money and to save money. So monetizing your improved customer experience is easy and predictable!


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