What Could Destroy Twitter’s Customer Ecosystem?

Posted Saturday, November 23, 2013 in Social Media by Patricia Seybold

Like any customer ecosystem, the entire multi-billion dollar ecosystem that is based on Twitter is critically dependent on one thing: keeping its end-users happy and coming back for more. We’ve identified four customer-critical activities for which customers use Twitter:twitter's ecosystem

  1. Strut my stuff
  2. Track current events
  3. Get help
  4. Learn from/appreciate others

For each of these, we’ve identified the likely showstoppers—what will stop a customer from continuing to use Twitter. We’ve also posited actions that Twitter and its ecosystem players can take that would support end-users in carrying out these activities as well as the things they shouldn’t do, because they will thwart or annoy Twitter end-users. Take a look at our suggestions and feel free to add your own thoughts. After all, a $2.4 trillion ecosystem depends on keeping tweeters tweeting!

How Valuable and Sustainable Is Twitter’s Customer Ecosystem?
What Is a Twitter End-Customer Worth to Investors?
By Patricia B. Seybold, CEO and Sr. Consultant, November 22, 2013

(Read the short sample and download the full article in PDF.)


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  • d
    Dan Wolff on December 2, 2013 at 6:10 a.m.

    Nobody can predict the future, but there are (at least) a couple of starkly contrasting ways to look at the situation discussed. The older one is that there will be a cycle whereby the incumbents arer endered relatively irrelevant. In the newer one, the frontier is sufficiently settled by the entrenched establishment. What's your take? It may be a matter of outlook, but I can't say.

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