Chat GPT's Article About Customer Service

Posted Friday, June 16, 2023 by Patricia Seybold in AI

I asked the AI engine, ChatGPT to write me an article "in the style of" Patricia Seybold.  Here, you’ll see the resulting article, generated almost 100% by Chat GPT (except for typos and missing words). As a writer, I found it a little scary! As a consultant, I’m intrigued when I think about how much time I can save doing research, while focusing my intellect and experience on the challenges I’m trying to help clients address.

As a writer and consultant, my reaction to these advances in AI is that it's exhilarating. As with all technology advances, it's disruptive and unsettling. If anyone (including AI robots) can plagiarize my life's work, that's not good! On the other hand, if I can figure out how to use my knowledge base to generate fresh insights based on past experience with less effort, that would be a good thing.

Stay tuned as my AI Analyst, Jesse Breuer, and I continue to explore this exciting new frontier and how it applies to customer innovation, customer experience, and customer service, as well as to intellectual property.