Partner with Us to Improve Your Customer Experience

Why Work with

We have over 30 years of experience helping organizations become more customer-centric. We have worked in dozens of industries, all over the world. We are not a large consulting firm with a diverse practice. We are a team of experienced consultants who will work directly with your team. We are fanatically focused on one thing: Your Customers. We care deeply about your customers: what they need, what jobs they are trying to do, and how to make that as easy as possible. If you make your customers successful, your business or non-profit will be successful. It's as simple as that!

Achieve Success by Helping Your Customers Succeed

We believe that aligning organizations around customers' desired outcomes is the right thing to do. We measure our success by your customers' success and ease in accomplishing their goals. We'll show you how to elicit RELIABLE customers' success metrics that will keep your project and team focused to deliver tangible value.

How to Align around Customers' Goals

We can help you and your organization understand, anticipate and meet your customers’ explicit and implicit needs. As a result, you’ll transform your business to align with your customers’ goals and improve their experience with your brand. 

Each year, we work with a handful of clients in a variety of industries. We excel in helping B2C or B2B organizations innovate with their customers.  If you have multiple parties delivering services and value to your end-customers, you may have misalignment. We'll show you how to identify and streamline the 2 or 3 most customer-critical issues to increase profitability for everyone in your customer ecosystem.

What Results Will You Achieve?

Our clients measure their success in faster time to adoption for new or improved products/services/experiences.  Why? Because they've co-designed easy-to-adopt products and services!

Your most insightful customers value the opportunity to contribute to your success and to benefit from products and services that truly meet their needs. Customers love it when you work with us. Your clients feel heard, understood and respected. They feel they're gaining more control over the quality and relevance of the products and services and experiences you offer them.

How Does a Typical  Engagement Work?

You have a funded project for which you need and want customer input and active participation. You hire us to interview, observe, and help you co-design with target customers throughout the duration of the project. The results: on-target offerings, shorter time to adoption, loyal customer advocates, better customer experience, an aligned ecosystem of partners and suppliers, and more cash in the door faster!

Types of Customer Engagements:

Co-Design with Your Customers:

  • New Business Idea or Venture
  • New Product or Service 
  • New Version of a Product or Service
  • Transformed Customer Experience 
  • Streamlined Customer-Impacting Processes
  • Customer Portals 
  • Mobile Apps 
  • Business Ecosystem around Your Customers and Your Brand

Create & Facilitate Customer Engagement Programs

  • Customer-Led Innovation Programs
  • Voice of the Customer Interviews & Observation

How to Convince Your Team to Include CUSTOMERS in Your Projects

If you work directly with customers at the outset of ANY project that's going to impact customers, you'll shave at least 6 months off the project timeline! Why? Because you'll know from the outset what customer-impacting QUICK WINS you can achieve to gain traction. You'll design smarter by STARTING with the things that impact customers the most. If your goal is to improve your end-to-end customer experience, to design innovative new products and services, and/or to foster customer innovation as you evolve your products and services, you've come to the right place!

Most execs are cautious about engaging with end-customers before they have all their ducks in a row. They want to fix the stuff they know is broken first. Or, they have a "really big idea" and they want to prototype it and run some numbers before they engage with actual customers to test it out. You'll be amazed by how much insight you can gain by involving customers EARLY and OFTEN in your product and process design and re-design! Customers know exactly what's most valuable to them and what the showstoppers to adoption will be.

Free 30-minute Consultation

Tell us what you’re working on, how you’re going about it and we’ll tell you if you’re on the right track. You may not need our help. That’s fine. We’re always happy to learn from customer-centric execs who are doing a great job! Let’s talk! please call (617) 487-4514 or contact us.