Customer Advisory Boards

Customer Advisory Boards Your Customers Love & Your Execs Value

Your customers and clients will be impressed when you work with us to facilitate your Customer Councils and Customer Advisory Boards. They'll gain greater value from rich conversations with their peers.

Your executives will gain deeper insights and greater respect for the intellect of their customers. They'll begin to value these insightful customers and consult them as trusted advisors.

What's Wrong with Many CABs?

  • Clients are recruited by the sales team to build relationships
  • Customers view these meetings as a "necessary evil" for the suppliers they spend a lot with
  • Your Execs value the revenues these customers bring; but they don't appreciate their criticisms, insights, and ideas
  • The follow-up after the meetings is left to CAB Manager; it's very difficult to get your Execs to take any actions or to continue to communicate with the advisors, except on an account-by-account basis

What's True about OUR CABs?

CAB Meeting

What's Different about the CABs We Facilitate?

  • Clients are selected based on their level of insight and passion; not revenues
  • Customers feel "heard" even before the meeting as a result of deep-listening interviews
  • Your execs come prepared; they know what's on customers' minds and what the thorniest issues are that customers are confronting (independent of their relationship with your firm and its products)
  • Your customers bond with one another by sharing stories and issues and deep context about what they are trying to accomplish
  • Your executives just LISTEN! This is liberating for them. And deeply informative.
  • Your customers and your execs tackle strategic customer issues together. They roll up their sleeves to co-design better approaches to customers' strategic issues.
  • Your customers tell you how to measure their success and give you operational metrics you can monitor.
  • Your execs are "on the hook" to deliver results back to the CAB members every quarter.

Don't Just Sit and Talk: Co-Design with Your Customers!

Customers and Execs Co-Design

We always include brainstorming and co-design activities in each CAB session. You can only talk about issues for so long. Then you need to DO something about them. Customers LOVE to work in small teams side by side with your execs and your subject matter experts to co-design new services, solutions, or to nail requirements for new offerings.

Call Us to Discuss Your CABs

Whether you're launching a CAB, re-constituting a CAB, or you have a great CAB program that's working well, give us a call! We love to hear what you're doing, compare notes, offer tips. Contact Patty Seybold today! Best way to reach out is via email: pseybold "at" Or contact us now!