Our People

Smart, Soulful People who Care about Your Customers


Experienced Senior Consultants

Each of our consultants has a depth of expertise across multiple industries and disciplines. Our team focuses on: (1) Hands-on client consulting and advisory work, (2) Running workshops and teaching our methodologies to our clients.

  • CEO: Patricia Seybold
  • Executive Vice President: Ronni Marshak
  • Vice President: Kim Proctor
  • Consultant: Meg Lewis
  • Previous Senior Vice Presidents/Consultants: Susan Aldrich, Mitchell Kramer


We are proud of those who have contributed to our reputation and our success. There are many who have contributed their time and talent over the 20+ years we've been in business. Notable Alumni include:

  • Geoffrey Bock
  • Judy Davis
  • Wayne Eckerson
  • Martha Frey
  • Michael Goulde
  • Judith Hurwitz
  • Anne Thomas Manes
  • Matthew Lees
  • David Marshak
  • Brenda Michelson
  • Mike Milliken
  • John Rymer
  • Dave Terrie