Clarabridge 6.1

Social Customer Service with Powerful Monitoring and Filtering, Deep Analysis, and Alert-Driven Customer Interaction

May 9, 2014

If you’re looking for tools to improve the customer experience you deliver, Clarabridge’s offering can be an excellent choice to help deliver social customer service. Clarabridge Analyze and Clarabridge Act monitor and analyze customer conversations on social and internal channels, and provide mechanisms to interact with customers. Flexible filtering, deep analyses, and powerful classification are its strengths. This offering deploys in the cloud or on-premise. In our in-depth product evaluation, Clarabridge Analyze and Clarabridge Act earn good grades on our report card, especially the Exceeds Requirements grade earned for the critical Monitoring and Analysis criterion.


Clarabridge Analyze and Clarabridge Act provide social customer service capabilities within a broader and deeper set of capabilities for “Intelligent Customer Experience Management.” Clarabridge Analyze listens, analyzes, reports, and alerts on customer conversations on social and on internal channels. Analyze’s alerts are sent to Act for their assignment, management, and, if appropriate, interaction with customers.

Organizations license Clarabridge Analyze and Clarabridge Act for cloud or on-premise deployment. To date, Clarabridge claims that more than 300 customer organizations have licensed the offerings.

Clarabridge GoClarabridge’s offerings for social customer service earn a very good report card—Exceeds-Requirements grades for the critical Monitoring and Analysis criterion and Meets-Requirements grades in Product Viability and Company Viability. The Needs-Improvement Grade in Customer Service Integration should improve soon through planned enhancements in future product versions.

Three factors, all product strengths, differentiate Clarabridge Analyze and Clarabridge Act and drive toward its selection:

  • Powerful and flexible monitoring and filtering customer conversations in multiple languages on social and internal channels
  • Deep, real-time analysis of customer verbatims to classify them, score their sentiment, and understand their content
  • Configurable, classification-based alerting, routing, and management of customer conversations that require immediate handling and interaction with customers

Clarabridge’s offerings can be excellent choices to help businesses deliver social customer service.

Customer Service on the Social Web—Social Customer Service

These days customers spend so much of their time online on the social web. Some of that time is spent on the products that they use in their lives or that they use to do their jobs. They want help from their peers and from the products’ suppliers to learn about those products, to get advice on purchasing decisions, and to get answers and solutions to questions and problems in installing and using the products. In other words, customers get customer service on the social web.

It certainly follows that suppliers should deliver customer service to the social web. How? They should:

  • Be aware of customer conversations about them and their products.
  • Try to ensure that the answers and solutions that customers receive from their peers are correct. Deliver the answers and solutions themselves.
  • Try to interact with customers publicly or directly to help customers find correct answers and solutions.

Social customer service products help suppliers deliver customer service to the social web.

Customer Experience Management Offerings from Clarabridge

Intelligent Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the company strategy for Clarabridge Inc. and the positioning, strategy, and functionality of its offerings. Clarabridge defines Intelligent CEM as an iterative process with these 4 steps...(more)


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