Clarabridge Analyze, Collaborate, and Engage

Voice of the Customer Monitoring, Analysis, and Interaction

March 28, 2013

Social-service products help suppliers deliver customer service to the social cloud. Clarabridge provides a suite of tools that let you monitor and analyze customer conversations on social media, and, if appropriate, interact with those customers directly to solve their problems.


Clarabridge Analyze, Clarabridge Collaborate, and Clarabridge Engage are “Intelligent Customer Experience Management” offerings from Clarabridge, Inc. that provide social-service to help companies spot issues that customers are having and address them quickly. Clarabridge Analyze listens, analyzes, reports, and alerts on customer conversations on social and on internal channels. Analyze’s alerts are sent to Collaborate for their assignment and management. From within Collaborate, facilities of Engage let agents respond to, and interact, with customers.

Organizations license Clarabridge Analyze, Collaborate, and Engage, for cloud or on-premise deployment. To date, Clarabridge claims that 250 customer organizations have licensed Clarabridge Analyze, and that approximately 30 customer organizations have licensed Clarabridge Collaborate. Engage is a very new offering with a small, but growing, customer base.

Clarabridge’s offerings for social-service earn a good report card—Exceeds-Requirements grades for the critical Monitoring and Analysis criterion and Meets-Requirements grades in Product Viability and Company Viability. Their Needs-Improvement Grade in Customer Service Integration should improve soon through planned enhancements in future product versions.

Two factors, both product strengths, differentiate Clarabridge Analyze, Clarabridge Collaborate, and Clarabridge Engage...

Sentiment Scoring Exception Rules

Sentiment Scoring Exception Rules

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1. This illustration shows the Exception Rules subtab workspace of the Sentiment in which analysts create new Exception Rules.


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