Customer Co-Design and Customer Scenario Mapping

A Philosophy for Customer-Centric Organizations and a Method for Instilling It

September 12, 2013

Customer-centric organizations should deliver on their mission by co-designing with customers. The best method for realizing this goal is to work together to map out your customers’ important scenarios. Customer Scenario® Mapping (akin to Customer Journey Mapping) is our methodology for engaging customers, company stakeholders, partners, and subject matter experts in Customer Co-Design teams to co-design ideal customer experiences and identify customer priorities.


Customer Co-Design is a way of delivering on your commitment to being a customer-centric organization. It is a philosophical approach, not a methodology.

Customer Scenario® Mapping is our methodology for delivering on the customer-centric commitment. It is a set of techniques that can be used to co-design almost any aspect of your company (such as experiences, products, business models, strategies) in a collaborative initiative that brings together your stakeholders, subject matter experts, and customers.

The approach and the methodology always put the customer at the core, designing from the customer’s point of view.

What Is a Customer Scenario® Map?


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In Customer Scenario® Mapping, you identify your customers’ priorities (Moments of Truth) and quantify them with Customer Metrics. You can then measure how well you are doing in meeting these customers’ priorities and helping them successfully reach their goals (Desired Outcomes).


An Approach to Acting on a Customer-Centric Commitment

Customer Co-Design is not a technology or a methodology. It is a philosophic approach to ensuring that your organization’s commitment to customers will stay on target and that your company has your customers as the raison d’etre, at the core of your business—(see “Defining the Customer-Centric Organization”). By using a customer co-design approach, an organization embraces the notion that key decisions that impact customers should be determined collaboratively with customers.

Designing Collaboratively with Customers

As the name says, Customer Co-Design is about designing with your customers. But what exactly is it that you design together? The answer is…(more)


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