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Making It Easy for Image-Buying Professionals to Do Their Jobs

December 8, 2005

Getty Images supports image-buying professionals in finding and licensing stock imagery and film for commercial use. Currently under construction is a new Web site implementation that will be based on the workflows of target customer segments.


Since 1998, when the case study on Getty Images (then Photodisc) was first published in, the company has continued making big strides in its efforts to make it easy for its customers to do their jobs.

Getty Images understands that a major pain point for its customers is locating and licensing the right images and film clips for use in their projects.

The Web site is designed to allow designers to search for images the way they think about them, including the ability to search by concept and a feature that eliminates ambiguity within keyword searches. Further, Getty Images understands the importance of having subject matter experts available to help. Getty Images provides a free image research service.

The company continues to simplify the licensing process by providing clear online instructions, flexible license packs (which package up common rights’ access permissions into a single transaction), and a rights and clearance service, which, again, is a people-based offering, where experts in licensing guide customers through the process.

Getty Images is currently embarking on a major Web site enhancement project, redesigning the site by focusing on the ways that customers in different market segments and roles do their work. The company will be actively soliciting explicit customer feedback from beta versions of the site to ensure that the released Web site makes it easier for customers to do their jobs.


A New Version of

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