Salesforce Radian6: An Insight Ecosystem

The Social Monitoring, Analysis, and Interaction Application of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

August 1, 2013

Radian6 is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud component that does social monitoring, analysis, and interaction. This is a strong customer social-service offering that is easy to learn and easy to use, that provides access to powerful and flexible analytics, and that, through its Salesforce Social Hub feature, integrates tightly with Salesforce Service Cloud, automatically creating Contacts and Cases from social posts. Radian6 is the easy and obvious social-service choice for Salesforce CRM users.


Radian6 is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud component that provides customer social-service, monitoring customer posts on the social web, analyzing the content of those posts, and interacting with social posters. Salesforce Social Hub, a feature of Radian6, provides integration with Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce CRM’s contact center, web self-service, and knowledge management application, routing appropriate social posts as Cases and Contacts.

Organizations purchase subscription licenses for Radian6 for cloud deployment. To date, claims that more than 3,000 customer organizations have purchased Radian6 licenses.

Radian6 earns an excellent report card—Exceeds-Requirements grades for the critical Monitoring and Analysis and Customer Service Integration criteria as well as for Company Viability, and Meets-Requirements grades for product viability.

Three factors, all product strengths, differentiate Marketing Cloud Radian6 and are drivers for its selection:

  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Powerful and flexible analysis of social posts through Insights
  • Seamless, real-time, rules-based integration with Salesforce Service Cloud through Salesforce Social Hub

Radian6 can be an excellent choice to help businesses deliver customer social-service.

Radian6 Insights

 Radian6 Insights

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This illustration shows the results of using Basic Demographics (Age, Location, Gender) and Radian6 Insights (Hashtags Mentioned, Retweeted Usernames, Top Sources) to process data from a Topic Analysis widget on Wiley Publishing.


Answer Customers’ Questions and Solve Customers’ Problems

Customer service products help businesses deliver answers to their customers’ questions and solutions to their customers’ problems. These are questions and problems about a business’s products and services, policies, processes, and practices, or about elements of their customer relationships such as accounts, bills, orders, and contracts. Customer service products also help create, manage, and resolve cases for customers’ questions that have not yet been answered and customers’ problems that have not yet been solved. Customer service products have case management, knowledge management, account management, and social network management capabilities. They deliver those capabilities across self-service, assisted-service, and social-service channels.

Customer Service on the Social Web—Customer Social-Service

These days, customers spend much of their time online on the social web. Some of that time is spent on the products that they use in their lives or that they use to do their jobs. They want help from their peers to learn about those products and the products’ suppliers, to get advice on purchasing decisions, and to get answers and solutions to questions and problems in installing and using the products. In other words, customers get customer service on the social web.

It certainly follows that suppliers should deliver customer service to the social web. How? They must be aware of customer conversations about them and their products. They should try to ensure that the answers and solutions that customers receive from their peers are correct. They should deliver the answers and solutions themselves. And they must try to interact with customers publicly or directly to help customers find correct answers and solutions.

Social-service products help suppliers deliver customer service to the social web.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is’s “social marketing suite” to “listen, publish, and advertise” on the social web. The suite comprises three separately packaged and separately priced applications: Radian6, Buddy Media, and Briefly, here are their capabilities…


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