Salesforce Social Studio

Listen, Analyze, and Interact across the Social Web

April 28, 2016

How does Salesforce Social Studio stack up as a social customer service offering? Will it help your customer service staff and analysts stay on top of customers' concerns as customers use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to interact with one another, and with your company, around your products and your brand? Our detailed evaluation gives Social Media pretty high marks. Among its capabilities are excellent facilities for identifying posts that contain customers' questions and problems and useful, configurable reports that present summaries and trends of social media activity.

We evaluate customer service offerings against our Evaluation Framework for Customer Service Software, which was updated in October, 2014. We’ve been evaluating customer service software solutions for two decades. This report will save you time and answer your questions.

Netting It Out

Social Studio is a separately packaged and separately priced component of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that combines social marketing and social customer service capabilities. Its social customer service capabilities are:

  • Listening for relevant posts and comments across a very wide range of social networks, blogs, and communities
  • Interacting with social posters and commenters
  • Identifying posts and comments that were made by prospects or customers and/or that contain customers’ questions and problems
  • Analyzing and reporting on posts and comments

To date, we estimate that approximately 2,500 to 5,000 customer accounts have licensed Social Studio.


Photo courtesy of Right IT Services, RITS Brown Bag

Social Studio earns a good Report Card: Exceeds Requirements grades in Capabilities, Supplier Viability, Social Customer Service implementation, and Customer Service Integration. A Meets Requirements grade in Product Marketing. But it earns a Needs Improvement grade in Reporting and Analysis.

Social Studio is a high value package with broad and deep capabilities. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. And, it includes seamless integration with Salesforce for Cases and Leads. Large, global organizations across all industries should consider this offering to address their social customer service and social marketing requirements...........more....

Members of our Technologies' Advisory Service may download and read Mitch Kramer's full product evaluation.

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