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Our Most Popular Mentoring Offering:

Align Your Organization around Customers' Issues

    1. Identify the roadblocks that keep your organization from being as customer-centric as you’d like. 

    2. Establish a strategy, action, and communications plan to overcome them.

    3. Validate your customer-centric priorities. 

    4. Identify quick-win projects under your control.

Entry-Level Price: $1,000 for 4 hours of mentoring

Our Most Popular CX Offering:

Improve your CX 

    1. We Interview your Customers to gain quick wins & identify strategic priorities.

    2. We run Customer Journey/Scenario Mapping workshops with your key stakeholders to brainstorm solutions, create consensus, and achieve momentum

    3. We help you Prioritize Customer-Impacting action items in already-budgeted projects

    4. We show you how to measure results in customers’ terms: (time-saved, fewer steps, less frustration, greater peace of mind, recognition, rewards, profits) and to make an internal business case (lower cost to serve, faster time to market, faster adoption, greater wallet share, higher retention & loyalty)

Our Most Popular Customer Innovation Project:

Co-Design Your Next Product and/or Service with Your Customers

    1. We Interview your most insightful customers to understand the jobs they need to get done, what matters most to them, and what problems aren’t getting solved.

    2. We run Customer Co-Design workshops with your key customers and your stakeholders to map out customers’ ideal solutions, and to brainstorm new offerings and business models.

    3. We help you engage effectively with customers as you move from ideation to prototype to pilot to roll out in order to ensure rapid adoption.

Free 30-minute
® Consultation

Tell us what you’re working on, how you’re going about it and we’ll tell you if you’re on the right track. You may not need our help. That’s fine. We’re always happy to learn from customer-centric execs who are doing a great job! Let’s Talk! please call (207) 633-4368 or contact us.

Transforming a Bureaucratic Organization to be Customer-centric

"The customer co-design workshops we ran with Patty Seybold and her team were a strategic turning point for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

"Among the results we achieved: a single customer-facing portal to deliver services across all of our Health and Human Services agencies"


Louis Guitierrez

Louis Gutierrez became the CIO of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the time we worked together on a project that was sponsored by the Comptroller of the State to streamline the customer service capabilities across agencies. 


How Did Massachusetts Improve Client Service?

Like most large multi-billion $ bureacracies, Massachusetts had many different agencies--each with its own autonomy and budgets and priorities. But they had one overarching goal: Make it easy for the residents and businesses in the State to get things done!


Here's how the Commonwealth of Massachusetts redesigned its IT practices to put residents first:

Here's a Short Case Study



How Agilent Improved Customer Experience & Regained Marketshare

At Agilent Technologies we helped cross-functional teams in the U.S., U.K., and Germany streamline many of their customer-impacting processes. Agilent was the first company we worked with that substituted CUSTOMERS' success metrics, e.g. total uptime, for their top execs' Objectives. For more on how this is done, read this article.


 Scott Allen, Agilent

Scott Allen, former Head of Customer Experience Initiative at Aglilent Chemical Analysis and Life Sciences, currently CRM Operations Manager at Agilent Technologies. 

"I Loved Doing Customer Co-Design & Embedding Customer Success Metrics Into Our Culture!"

"Patty Seybold has been a thought leader in Customer Experience for many years. Her experience, creativity, and guidance were the spark we needed to get our Customer Experience initiative going. She and the Seybold Group are different than other consulting firms I have worked with. Their passion for the topic is contagious, their insights are unique, and their methodologies are very interactive. It has been a pleasure, no actually an honor, to work alongside Patty Seybold."