Small Business Offerings

We Love Working with Small Businesses!

Are these Challenges You Face?

  • We have great products/services, but....
  • We don't have enough resources to compete with the big boys
  • We're not capturing or using customer information well
  • Everyone wears too many hats!
  • Our website is pretty basic
  • We're not sure that social media will make any difference for our business
  • Many of our target customers aren't Internet-savvy
  • Most of our target customers don't Tweet or Facebook
  • We can't afford mobile application development
  • We need to attract and retain both local and global customers
  • We THINK that a small focused company SHOULD be able to win and retain customers' hearts and minds

Small companies are like little dogs

You May be Small, But You Can be More Agile and Get Things Done Faster!

We provide affordable and accessible guidance and coaching to help you and your team differentiate and amplify your brand. You CAN compete with the big companies by doing what small businesses do best: focusing on what your customers care about and being quick and flexible in discovering new needs and meeting them.

big company vs. little company

8 Steps to Success:

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  3. Then, post your comments and questions in the Forum or as comments on articles. We'll reply quickly.
  4. Request a 30-minute free phone consultation.
  5. Learn tips for low-cost mobile web design and multi-channel customer experience improvements
  6. Want to engage YOUR customers in helping to shape your business? Use some of our techniques
  7. Take our online customer co-design training. Practice with your team, friends, and family
  8. Work with us to help you run your own customer co-design session; You'll jumpstart your new strategy AND gain CSM certification, so you can run lots of customer- and partner sessions on your own.


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