About the Patricia Seybold Group

Trusted Advisors to Customer-Centric Executives


Our Mission: To make it easier for your customers to get things done!

Customer-centric executives rely on the Patricia Seybold Group to help their organizations deliver great customer experiences and to co-design new, or improved, products and services with customers. Our seasoned consultants provide advice, consulting, publications, and training that reflect our practical experience and our visionary insights.

We’ll help you:

  • Better understand your customers and their requirements
  • Design new or improved products, services, and experiences to meet customers' unmet needs
  • Present your products and services so that customers can make quick buying decisions
  • Let your customers serve themselves
  • Grow the number of profitable customers you attract and retain
  • Align your stakeholders around customers’ issues, success metrics, and outcomes
  • Select the appropriate tools and technologies to support your business objectives
  • Evolve your business processes and systems to be more customer-adaptive

Products and Services

Along with consulting services that are custom-tailored for clients, we offer:

Customer Advisory Board Services:

Customer advisory boards and customer councils that customers LOVE to participate in. They learn from each other at the same time that they're working with your top execs and your subject matter experts to co-design your company's next gen products and services.

Consulting Services:

We provide consulting services customized for our clients.

Licensed Customer Co-Design Methodology:

Unlike most consulting firms, we train, certify, and license our clients in the use of our methodologies.

Subscription-based Advisory Services:

Members-only advisory services provide weekly emails, access to our premium articles, and interaction with our Senior Consultants/Analysts.

Articles, Books, and Blogs:

In-depth articles for customer-centric executives are published weekly, providing insightful analysis, best practices, case studies, and profiles of key technologies. We publish thought-leading books every few years, such as Outside Innovation, Customers.com, and The Customer Revolution.

Our team members also produce three blogs that complement the member-fed Forum on this site.  They are: Outside Innovation, Total CX, and Customers.com Technologies.



Get Help with Your Customer-Critical Projects!

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Patty Seybold and Ronni Marshak would LOVE to hear about what you're working on...We'll give you advice and connect you with others who have done similar projects.  


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