Ronni Marshak

Senior Consultant and Executive Vice President, Patricia Seybold Group Ronni Marshak

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Ronni Marshak is a Master Facilitator using Customer Scenario® Mapping (CSM) methodology, which she co-developed with Patricia Seybold and Patricia Seybold Group customers. As Training Director, she runs the CSM methodology practice, including training, certification, and licensing.

Based on discoveries from hundreds of customer co-design sessions, Marshak identifies and documents the recurring patterns in customers’ ideal scenarios, customers’ moments of truth, and customer metrics.

She is the lead contributor to the blog Total CX, where she posts and invites comments on customer experience “test drives” and customer scenario patterns.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Ronni is also the group’s expert in helping start-up and emerging high-tech companies. She helps them to understand competitive landscapes and to formulate corporate and product positioning strategies. She provides them feedback on the design and functionality of their products, including prioritized recommendations for improvement.

As Executive Vice President and managing editor of the Patricia Seybold Group, Ronni also oversees production of the company’s research articles and newsletters.


Ronni joined Seybold Publications, Inc., in 1981, and she continued with Patricia Seybold’s Office Consulting group when it was launched in 1985. 

She became an expert in workflow and collaboration technologies, tracking applications that make it easy for employees to get their jobs done.  Marshak chaired a series of Workflow International Conferences in the mid 1990s.

Ronni’s research and consulting focus shifted from employees to customers when she co-authored the book® with Patricia Seybold (1998). She also co-authored The Customer Revolution (2001). 

She now develops and uses methodologies and best practices to help organizations provide the optimum customer experience, based on what customers want and need to accomplish. She also leads the Patricia Seybold Group training practice.

Marshak holds an M.Ed. in Counseling from Northeastern University.


Ronni is an award-winning theater actor and director.