Jesse Breuer

AI Analyst, Customers.comJesse Breuer


Jesse Breuer, AI Analyst

Jesse researches, analyzes, and reports on AI Tools and Best Practices for the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve the Customer Experience. He is currently an AI analyst for, a consulting firm that provides technology advice to customer-centric executives. He is responsible for reviewing the current AI tools and technology available to, and in use by, large and small businesses to make it easier for customers to do business with their organizations. He also describes the roles required internally in organizations to ensure that the information provided to customers through AI agents and tools is accurate and correctly represents the policies, products, and services of the business. He analyzes and assesses the tools required to keep businesses’ internal knowledge bases from being mined by Internet-based engines and made available to all Large Language Models, without permission and controls.


Jesse has twenty years of experience as a software engineer working in fields such as automotive supply chain, automotive retail, learning management systems, and financial services. He pivoted into Artifical Intelligence in 2021.