Mitchell Kramer

Senior Consultant and Senior Vice President, Patricia Seybold Group Mitch Kramer

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Kramer is expert at creating frameworks with which to analyze and evaluate customer-critical technologies. From the frameworks he creates evaluation models that can shorten the time and effort to select products.

Mitch’s research for the Patricia Seybold Group advisory services addresses the many aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) technology, architecture, analytics, and enabling infrastructure.  He tracks products in ecommerce, customer service and self-service, marketing and recommendations, search and merchandising, customer portals, cross-channel and cross-lifecycle customer experience.

He has published in-depth reports on electronic commerce servers and platforms; relational, object/relational, and object databases; application development tools and Web-based business intelligence tools. Kramer has also written white papers and case studies on a wide range of business and technology topics most recently including B2B electronic commerce, electronic commerce implementation for small and mid-sized businesses, and the benefits of analytical applications in CRM.

As a Senior Consultant with over 25 years of consulting experience, Kramer applies his experience and expertise to help organizations evaluate, compare, and select CRM products and develop approaches toward successful implementation.  He often uses the technology frameworks he’s developed with corporate IT organizations to help them with architecture and product selection decisions.

Product vendors also leverage Mitch’s skills and insights to develop product requirements, to better understand the competitive environment, and to assist in planning and delivering marketing programs. He frequently works with companies to help them determine product requirements, market and product positioning, competitive analysis, and customer satisfaction.

Mitch's latest insights may also be found in his blog, Technologies.


Before joining the Patricia Seybold Group, Kramer worked as an independent industry analyst, where he did extensive primary and secondary market research in the architecture, design, evaluation and selection of enterprise-wide distributed computing infrastructures.

He also held management, engineering, marketing, sales, and support positions for firms ranging from integration technology startups to a 15-year stint at IBM.

Kramer has successfully managed company launches, product introductions, and business and product repositioning. He has also developed and documented business plans for raising capital and for mergers and acquisitions.

He has worked with the Patricia Seybold Group, Inc.,  since 1991.

He holds BS (Industrial Engineering) and MS (Computer Science) degrees from Rutgers University